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"Svetlana Ivanova is a consummate professional, committed to teaching the Buteyko Method to help children, teenagers and adults with asthma, anxiety, panic disorder and sleep disordered breathing. The Buteyko Method is a practice that uses scientifically proven concepts of functional breathing to improve oxygenation of the cells and organs. It involves making the switch from mouth breathing to restore the proper functions of the nose, engaging the diaphragm, and normalizing breathing to meet the changing needs of the body’s systems. "

Patrick McKeown
Buteyko Clinic International, Founder (Accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko)

"Before I learned the Buteyko Breathing Method from Svetlana I don't remember the last time I was able to breathe through my nose. My ENT prescribed steroid sprays but they did not bring me any relief. Once my breathing was restored, I could breathe through my nose again! I will never go back to my sinusitis and the old way of breathing."

IT Manager

"I got to the point when I was afraid to go to sleep at night as in the morning I would wake up with massive amount of green mucus in my throat that I could not cough up. I was always restless during the night. My nose was clogged up all day long. I often woke up with my mouth open and caught myself snoring. After Svetlana helped me normalize my breathing all this sinusitis terror went away. "


"Within the last five years every time when I got sick I developed sinusitis and had to treat it with antibiotics. One year ago my nose started running non-stop and I was embarrassed to be in a social situation. It did not help that my job involves working with the corporate clients. One day I realized that I can't go for ten minutes without blowing my nose and clearing my throat. I could not take it any longer and started looking for a solution. After I worked with Svetlana, I am now free from my sinusitis, my nose is dry and I don't have a fear of being in public."

Communications Engineer

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