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My Sinusitis - Asthma Story

A few years ago, I developed a stubborn sinus infection that did not want to go away. Sinus infection seems like an innocent disease but it was not in my case. My condition got progressively worse and turned my life into a nightmare. Numerous courses of antibiotics and steroids did not make any difference. I had two nasal surgeries and was absolutely terrified when my violent sinus attacks came back. After the last surgery my sinus episodes were recurring every one-two months, but eventually turned just into continuous severe sinusitis with negligent amount of time between sickness episodes. 

I saw multiple ENT doctors including a doctor in one of the top U.S. clinics. I also travelled oversees to meet with the top ENT doctors and immunologists however they did not know how to help me. I saw a naturopath, an infectious disease doctor, consulted with a holistic doctor specializing in sinusitis, but everything was in vain. I was tested for MRSA, fungus, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, you name it; all the tests came back negative. I used all the home remedies I could discover on the internet. Trying to find a cure turned into a second job. I did not think I would survive. My health condition was steadily deteriorating as I also suddenly developed asthma and allergic conjunctivitis. I had a high level of anxiety and insomnia. Our bank account was quickly shrinking while I was getting sicker and sicker drowning in desperation and darkness.

My twin boys were only 1 year old when I got stricken by sinusitis. I would probably have given up on myself and faded away if not for my family. I thought there should be a reason why it was happening to me. In the past, in my role as a Vice President in the Analytics Department of Fortune 500 company, I had the experience of finding solutions to extremely complicated problems. Additionally, earlier in my career I taught college level math. I used all my analytical abilities to try to find the cause and the solution for the sinusitis. I aggressively continued my search despite my poor health and the fact that numerous medical interventions failed.

During one of sleepless nights I found some information on the internet related to a breathing exercise that was supposed to unclog the nose and help with a sinus infection. Once I did that exercise, I could not believe that my nose got temporarily unclogged. In excitement I thought that there should be a method that would allow me to permanently unclog my nose! This discovery led me to learn the Buteyko Breathing method that freed me from sinusitis and asthma. Moreover, I don’t have anxiety anymore and my sleep is restful!

This experience inspired me to go through the extensive training and become a certified Buteyko Breathing Method Practitioner myself.  I can teach you how you can restore your breathing so you can get your life back too.

Don’t wait another day and start learning the Buteyko Breathing Method to stop your chronic sinusitis and persistent sinus infection permanently!

Ugly Face of Sinusitis

The sufferings of people with severe sinusitis are greatly underestimated and misunderstood. Your family, doctors, and coworkers can't even imagine what you are going through. The hardship of sinusitis is unknown to the general public. That makes the treatment options and the search for cure limited for those who have chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis - Asthma connection. Not a fun fact.

Do you know that many people suffering from sinusitis end up developing asthma? In fact, my immunologist doctor predicted that I would develop asthma since my sinuses were inflamed for a long period of time.

I Developed Asthma as the Result of Sinusitis

In this picture I was preparing to go outside. My severe sinusitis led to development of asthma. I could not exercise, could not lay down without feeling suffocated, and also could not breathe even in slightly cold weather (even at 32oF/0oC). My pulmonologist prescribed me an inhaler. Also, every day I had to wrap my face in a warm scarf before going outside.

"Happiness is When People Understand You". Old wisdom saying.

I heard this saying when I was a little girl.  It did not make any sense then.  It is only after some painful experiences in life that I started realizing what it meant.

When my sinusitis absolutely consumed me it was difficult to connect with anyone around me.  Nobody truly knew what my life became.  Sinusitis made sure that nothing good was left for me.

I thought at the time that there should be someone out there that was going through the same pain I was.  If only I could find that person...  That would make me happy...

I am now on the other side of the gate and just an email away if you want to connect and tell me your sinusitis story.


The shadows of the past still haunt me and now I am not taking the ability to breathe as something ordinary. The fact that I don't have sinusitis and asthma anymore is a gift from Prof. K. Buteyko (MD/PhD) who developed the breathing method to combat sinusitis and other diseases. It is now your chance to use it to reverse your sinusitis. I believe that everything happens for a reason. If you are reading this, that means that you have not found the solution yet but still have hope. Accept Dr. Buteyko's gift and see for yourself!


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