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Sinusitis Fighters Membership is Coming to Help People Reverse their Chronic Sinusitis and Stop Sinus Infection Permanently!!

Jun 04, 2020

We have an exciting announcement! We have started building a membership program for people suffering from Chronic Sinusitis: Sinusitis Fighters!

Fill out this form if you are interested in being a part of the Chronic Sinusitis and Asthma Fighters Membership Program.  Write “Membership” in the Message field:  https://www.restoreyourbreathing.com/contact-us

Sign up quickly as Founding Members will get more individual attention and will be able to offer their suggestions to improve the program!

In this membership program I will teach you how to normalize your breathing, put your body back in balance, and stop your sinusitis permanently using the Buteyko Breathing Method. You will learn the Buteyko Breathing Method from a former Sinusitis Sufferer and a Certified Buteyko Method Practitioner.

What you'll get:

  • Prerecorded video lessons.
  • Live online membership calls.
  • You will learn what sinusitis is truly about (Doctor K. Buteyko's discovery).
  • You will master how to breathe through your nose 24x7.
  • You will learn how to normalize your breathing using the Buteyko Breathing reduction method and breathe gently 24x7.
  • You will learn everything to be able to practice the Method throughout your day, even at work and in the shower!
  • You will get access to the same exercises I personally used to tame my sinusitis and asthma!
  • You will get my support all the way through this journey!

Thanks. Breathe Gently!

Svetlana Ivanova

Certified Buteyko Breathing Method Practitioner, CertBBM

[email protected]



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