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Let’s Celebrate Men’s Health Month with Closed Mouth!

Jun 03, 2020

June is Men’s Health Month, where we encourage men and boys to lead healthy lifestyles, take care of themselves, and make health one of their priorities.

Many men and their families concentrate on healthy eating and exercising. There are lot of runners, weight lifters, treadmill enthusiasts, and bicycle devotees out there. At the same time, unfortunately, there are a lot of men who exercise while breathing through their mouth and a lot of people who advocate for rigorous exercising at any cost.

A year ago, my husband met with a local gym’s personal training coach who wanted to show what he can do for my husband.  My husband was lifting weights while the trainer motivated him to do more. When my husband was out of breath and had switched to mouth breathing the trainer kept on chanting “you can do it, do it, you are strong, don’t stop”.  

My husband did not want to ruin his reputation and he tried to keep up with the trainer’s requests. At some point my husband decided that it was enough, he laid down on the mat and was heavily breathing with his mouth. It took him some time to calm down his breath.

Unfortunately, I hear many stories like these from my friends. There is one commonality that unites these stories. Almost everyone switches to mouth breathing after doing laborious exercises for a long period of time.

You would think that all athletes have perfect health. Would you be surprised to learn that many athletes have asthma and some of them have sinusitis? There are numerous cases where healthy athletes developed asthma as a result of mouth breathing during intense training for their sport.

You can’t perform as an athlete if you have sinusitis. So, Amanda Nunes, UFC fighting champion, had to cancel her UFC 213 fight with Valentina Shevchenko because of chronic sinusitis.

What happens when we breathe through the mouth? Famous physiologist Professor Konstantin Buteyko (MD/PhD) made a discovery in 1952 that deep breathing, including breathing through your mouth, causes hyperventilation which leads to decreased oxygenation of the body and constriction of airways and nasal passages. Read more about Prof. K. Buteyko’s discovery in this blog: Chronic Sinusitist is the Diseases of Deep Breathing and How to Reverse it. Chronic severe sinusitis, constant sinus infections along with asthma (and other modern illnesses) are the diseases of hyperventilation and mouth breathing causes hyperventilation.

We exercise to gain health and not to make it worse. Therefore, it is very important to exercise breathing through your nose. If you train while breathing through your mouth you will have decreased oxygen transportation to all the organs of your body. Eventually, the body will start fighting to get that oxygen back and will constrict your nasal passages and airways. That’s why people who breathe through the mouth during physical exercises feel much worse after the training than before.

You can help your man to become a nose breather 24x7 and improve his health. Let him know about our Membership program where students learn how to reverse Chronic Sinusitis and 

Please close your mouth! There is no health without nose breathing! Let’s motivate our men to breathe through their nose all the time! Happy Men’s Health Month!

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Breathe Gently Through Your Nose!

Svetlana Ivanova, Certified Buteyko Breathing Method Practitioner, CertBBM

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