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Meet Svetlana

Hello! I am Svetlana Ivanova, Buteyko Breathing Method Practitioner.

I specialize in teaching the Buteyko Breathing Method to people suffering from Chronic Sinusitis, Severe Asthma, and Anxiety so they could normalize their breathing, reverse their conditions and start living again. 

I was a Sinusitis/Asthma Sufferer in the past and was able to reverse my Chronic Severe Sinusitis and Asthma by successfully following the Buteyko Breathing Method.

My Education/Credentials:

  • Cornell University, Wellness Counseling Certificate, 2021.
  • Master's Degree in Public Affairs, Indiana University, U.S., 2004.

I am not a doctor and I don't treat. I am an Instructor and teach the Buteyko Breathing Method (please read the Disclaimer).


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